Reclaiming our Stories

– an Empowerment Project (free of charge)

based on Theatre Methods and Non-Violent Communication

In her TED Talk „The Danger of a Single Story“ Nigerian Writer Chimamanda Adichie talks about the dangers and boundaries that arise from limited perspectives. Whenever we label people or get labeled ourselves, we become alienated from one another. In this project we work towards overcoming the world of single stories.

Methods: Non-Violent Communication: Empathetic Care-Work for yourself and others; working with labels; changing internalised beliefs; basics of conflict mediation Creative Writing and Biographical Theatre: Tell your story in a protected space and give space to others to tell their stories Theatre of the Oppressed: Discover ways to overcome oppression in a playful way.

The project is generally open to anybody, but people who have faced structural violence like racism, sexism, ageism, classism or others are especially encouraged to take part.

Reclaiming our Stories – Temporary Agreements

Beispiel aus einer Schreibübung: „Wie ich gesehen werde möchte.“