Political Theatre


is an apprenticeship for political theatre. Young people get together to dive into the creation of collaborative theatre based on storytelling, physical and dance theatre, voice play, epic theatre, puppetry, clowning, theatre of the oppressed, performance art and others. The aim is to enable people to use theatre for political activism and social change.

This website is designed to open some of the apprenticeship contents to a more general public.

The reader contains some theory and further materials as an inspiration to work with.

The videos contain some theory of political theatre (which partly relate to the content of the reader), there are some examples of exercises to train groups and examples of creation results from the apprenticeship.

It’s open source. Feel free to use and share and please add references, if you quote.

2Brücken (engl.: Two Bridges) is a project that arose from different political activities since ACTiVISION. The idea is simple: Conflict mediatores offer their free of charge support for people in conflict. When the mediation is completed successfully, the participants of the mediation are invited to donate a sum that they are willing and able to give to the NGO Sea-Watch for rescue of refugees in the Mediterranean.


Ari Nadkarni, theatre pedagogue, tells you all about our apprenticeship for political theatre.